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14th April 2019

Alvis Young Drivers Day


I am asking to see if anyone would be able to help with an upcoming event I have been asked to attend. The Alvis Owners Club are putting on an event to try and get the younger generation involved in classic cars. From what's explained, it sounds like a good day.

The event will be held at Bicester Heritage on Sunday 14th April 2019. I have been asked by the Alvis Owners club to see if I can arrange some cars to put on display, to show what cars were like many years ago. Then also if people are willing to do so, take the youngsters out for a little drive around the Bicester Heritage site, to really give them the full TR experience.

Please would you be able to ask in your local groups if anyone would be willing to volunteer to lend a hand and display their car. I would love to be able to get the full range of TRs there, all in a line to really show the variety from the start to the end of the TR range. I will also attach the information flyer that the Alvis Owners Club sent to me originally. Any help would be appreciated.

Please get in touch!