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8th January 2019

Abbott & Stour - AGM

Positions Vacant

The current A & S organisers consists of:

Bob Bell, quiz-master and April Showers organiser
Rob Easlea, Autumn Leaves run
Peter Hudspith, shows organiser and, together with David Tydeman the treasurers.
All of these hard-working individuals have agreed to stand for a further term.

Vince Baker has been our unofficial "media man" and has done a great job both with the Abbott and Stour site on the TR website as well as organising the T shirt/sweat shirt and hat production. Because of this I would like to make this a formal position to be carried forward. Also, this is an unashamed plug for you all to order aforementioned articles which can be available before Christmas and will make great presents for your loved ones. Contact Vince on

So, that leaves two positions to be filled. The first is Group Leader. This is to represent the Group, NOT to do everything, as with the above posts filled you will have a great deal of assistance and experience. Also the person taking over will have me to guide them (if they would wish this).
The second post is one that I would like to create which would be loosely described as "Santa's Little Helper" which would assist the new GL in thinking up slightly silly things to do at Club Nights and help plan the breakfast meetings (great chance to get the TR out and sample coffee and cake whist planning venues!).
So, if you would like to put something back into A&S let me know together with a seconders details.