10th July 2018

Shropshire Group Brecon Beacons Run 'NOW FULLY BOOKED"

Shropshire Group Brecon Beacons Run  'NOW FULLY BOOKED

Shropshire Group members are organising a mid week "Drivers' Drive" along some of the most driveable roads in Wales with spectacular views and beautiful scenery all along the drive. It is anticipated that this will be a 'free style' drive and where lunch will be served at an agreed time and place. A route will be suggested and the timing of lunch will allow for the dawdlers and the dashers to have lunch together.

There will be opportunities, for those that want to, to take in some interesting stop offs along the way.

It is hoped that participants will keep in touch using WhatsApp before and during the Run.


Greg Washington 07471 913282 speek2greg@gmail.com

Peter Napier 07710 969069 napierandcompany@gmail.com

Roger Critchley 07811 260166 rcritch@aol.com