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24th May 2018

Brunel Group - Aerospace Bristol

Brunel Group - Aerospace Bristol

Timings to be confirmed.

Derek Roberts is organising a trip to Aerospace Bristol for us.I think the plan is to meet in the café for lunch and tour the museum afterwards.Details to follow.The café offers a delicious range of freshly-made light meals, snacks and drinks, served throughout the day.

Starting in the earliest days of powered flight, Aerospace Bristol will whisk you away on an immersive journey through more than a century of incredible aviation achievements and fascinating tales of human endeavour.

From bold pioneers taking to the skies in their magnificent flying machines, to the remarkable men and women who played their part in two world wars, to those who dreamed a seemingly-impossible dream of supersonic travel: then created the iconic Concorde to turn that dream into reality.

Your journey takes you from the beginnings of the British and Colonial Aeroplane Company in 1910 all the way through to the modern day, where you will explore cutting-edge technology, and look ahead to an exciting future, discovering how the next generation of engineers will continue to push aerospace technology to new heights and reach for the stars.

A visit to Aerospace Bristol is a chance to travel through the decades, enjoy fun interactives and amazing exhibits - including aeroplanes, helicopters, missiles, satellites, engines and more - and immerse yourself in a story of ordinary people achieving extraordinary things.