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26th May 2018

Kennet Valley TR Group May Mid Monthly - My Pride & Joy Contest

Kennet Valley TR Group May Mid Monthly - My Pride & Joy Contest

Kennet Valley TR Group - My Pride & Joy Contest, Saturday 26th May 2018.

This year Kennet Valley TR Group will hold its ever popular 'My Pride & Joy Contest' in conjunction with Classic Saturdays at The Cottage, Upper Bucklebury. Suggested arrival from 12:00 or slightly earlier (please be aware that if you require food to order early as it can get busy), the judging will commence at 13:00.

To give an overall opportunity for all members to win the coveted KVG trophy, the Kennet Valley TR Group My Pride & Joy competition is designed to include all TRs, and other Triumphs being used (we are not looking for Concours condition to win). Points will be awarded for presentation, cleanliness, points of interest, enthusiasm for the marque and 'proven' mileage annual. Judging will cover the complete car, accessories, memorabilia, history, improvements, information and use. It is about the use and pride in your TR, not just about being restored, clean and shiny.

The cars will be categorised in body style groups: 2/3/3A/3B; 4/4A/5/250; 6; 7&8; Derivatives; Non TR

Private individuals who are members of the Kennet Valley TR Group are eligible to enter. Cars should be driven to the event and must be road legal. All vehicle documentation is not required but proof of annual mileage details are preferable to be with the car as it will be part of the judging.

Guidance for entrants

This event is open to TR's (separate prize for non TR's) that are in regular use, are clean and well loved. Proven annual mileage will be taken into account and therefore relevant documentation (i.e. past MOT certificates) should be presented. A car may only be entered by a member of the Kennet Valley TR Group.

Cars must be road legal for the country of origin and must be presented with relevant documentation. Entered cars should be driven to the event. Sorry we can't consider a car to be brought by trailer for all or part of the journey to this event.

The Judges decision shall be final.

So bring your car and see if you can win!!!!