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22nd April 2018

Northumbria Group - Drive it Day

Drive it Day, the 22nd April, is fast approaching so we hope that the weather holds out.

The plan is to meet at Melmerby, as the Hartside Cafe is shut due to the fire, and then drive to Dalemain House, CA11 0HB, about half way between the M6 and Pooley Bridge to go to the Wigton Motor Club Event. The plan is to meet in front of the cafe at Melmerby, I have attached a map showing where this is, area 1, and if there is not enough room there a second area near the Shepherds Inn, area 2.

We were planning to meet the Cumbria Group and then have a run with them to Dalemain House but unfortunately family commitments have stopped this occurring so Bryan hmade up a route description and will bring a few copies to Melmerby. It is a short 20 mile drive on some narrow roads so should be about 40+ minutes. If those with 2 in a car can try and get someone behind them that are on their own it will be very helpful, I am not running it as a follow my leader convoy. If you get lost head for Pooley Bridge and then take the main road to Penrith and it is then on your left. Cannot email the document as it is 24 Mb and some of your email accounts will not cope with this, if you think your account is OK let me know and I will email it to you.

The plan is that we will leave Melmerby at 10.30 so please arrive in enough time for your cuppa at the cafe before this.

I know that those coming from the southern part of our area will probably be coming by Stanhope but if anyone from the northern end of our region fancies meeting up for the run to Memerby I propose we meet at our normal car park in Hexham to leave at 9.0 am, I have attached a map showing this car park. Please let Bryan know as we need to be off prompt as I gather the cafe at Melmerby is very busy after Hartside has shut, might be worth bringing a drink with you.

If those from the southern end of our area want to meet up please let me know of a suggested meeting point and time.

Please let me know if you are planning to come along to help with the planning but no problem if you decide to come along on the spur of the moment.

Melmerby Meeting Point

Hexham Meeting Point