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26th May 2017

The TR Youth Not-Quite-Three Peak Challenge!

The TR Youth Not-Quite-Three Peak Challenge!

This is the TR Youths' Not-Quite-Three Peak Challenge!

An action packed weekend of driving, hiking and probably drinking! The plan is to hike three peaks in the UK over three days; Scafell Pike, Snowdon and Kinder Scout (we decided Scotland was a little far)! With enjoyable driving, wonderful views everywhere and hopefully marvellous weather!

This is on the last Bank Holiday in May. Only the first campsite is completely confirmed; I need to get a better idea numbers before I can confirm the other two nights - so I really hope you can make it, and let me know ASAP if you can!
If you can only make 1 of 2 of the days, then again, please let me know! We'd still love you to come along!

Cost: Fuel, Campsites (approx. £10-£15 a night), Food and Drink!

Full agenda:


Drive from home to the Lake District. Meet and camp at The Oakhead Caravan Park (some of you will know this from the Lakes Tour).

Address: Ayside, Grange-over-Sands LA11 6JA

Note: From the campsite the pub is a 30 min walk. This may be a good night to skip the pub, bring a few beers to the campsite and get an early night!


Leave campsite at 8am (told you it was early).

Drive to Scafell Pike (approx.. 1h30).

Hike the Pike! (approx.. 5h)

Leave Scafell about 3-4pm. Drive to Bryn Tyrch Farm Camp Site in Wales! (approx. 4-5h) Get drunk at pub on campsite. Sleep.

Address: Bryn Tyrch Farm Camp Site, Capel Curig, North Wales, LL24 0EL


9-10am start (depending on the night before!).

Drive to Snowdon (approx. 20 mins)

Hike Snowdon! (approx. 3-4 hours)

Drive to the peaks! Head to Fieldhead Campsite in Edale (close to nice pubs). Drink more, sleep.

Address: Fieldhead Campsite, Edale, Hope Valley S33 7ZA
tel: 01433 670386


10am start.

Hike/walk up to Kinder Scout (approx.. 3 hours)

Go home!