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Wye Dean - Our 'Drive It' day out

23rd April 2017
Wye Dean - Our 'Drive It' day out

Alan Barker has organised a great drive to reach the BT satellite communications centre at Madley, where a tour has been organised by Wye Dean member Rod Edwards.

Here's Alan's outline plan -- a full description has been circulated to members, & he'll bring some copies with him on Sunday.

We start at Kilpeck Church, an ornate stone carved church on a site recorded back to 640AD, & take in two castles, a pub where Judge Jefferies used to hang out, two battlefields where Owain Glyndwr was defeated by Henry IV, A deer park which was a former Royal hunting ground originally belonging to the Knights Templar. Then on via an Augustine monastery dating back to 1180 along one of the RAC's most scenic roads in the UK, climbing above the tree line to one of the most magnificent views. Then sweeping down the Golden Valley past Arthur's Stone, a Neolithic burial chamber. It was here that King Arthur slew a giant who left the impression of his elbows on one of the stones as he fell. Skirting Monnington Court the home of the Bulmer's family and the Morgan Quarter Horses and onto the Roman Road which linked Carleon, (our last monthly TR outing), to Wroxeter (Shrewsbury'ish). And finally to our more twenty-first century destination at the satellite communication ground station at Madley where Rod Edwards has organised a tour for us.
Lastly on to The Castlefields at Clifford HR3 5HB for a well earned lunch.

Approximate timings are - Leave Kilpeck 9:45 stop 15 minutes on route, arrive Madley 11:45, leave Madley 13:30 arrive Castlefields for Lunch 14:00.

Contact Jeff Mason-Wenn 01452 760329