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Bring and Buy

Raising money for the maintainence and running of TS2.

As in previous years, there will be the popular Bring & Buy stall at the TR International Weekend 2016. However, this year there will be a few little changes because Leicester Group members are running it. We send a very big thank you to the Cotswold Vale Group for all their hard work in previous years.

Some of the changes are that we will run it like a shop with a more streamlined system. Only Triumph related car parts or items are to be sold this year. There will be the usual commission fee going to TS2. There will also be a pound shop area where cheaper items are donated for sale.

For your convenience (and ours!) we have designed this booking-in form, which should speed up the process hugely. If convenient, we would recommend that you complete the form before you come to the event. Please note that one form per item is needed. We will also have hard copies of the forms on the stall.

Terms and Conditions

  • All transactions need to be completed before you leave the event. So if you are only there for a day you will need to collect your cash or your unsold item(s) before leaving.
  • NO uncollected payments will be forwarded, the funds will be sent to TS2.
  • All unsold items must be collected by 3.30pm on the Sunday or they will be disposed of because we have no facility for transportation.
  • Leicester Group cannot be held responsible for lost ticket numbers issued at check-in, or loss/damage to goods left for sale.

That said, we look forward to selling your items and, hopefully, making this a positive experience for everyone.