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Jay Leno, the American comedian, actor and television host has spoken openly about the truly moving story behind his Triumph TR3A in his latest trail for the TV series "Leno's Garage"

The TV presenter, known widely for hosting NBCs The Tonight Show for 17 years, lost his older brother Patrick to cancer in 2002. Patrick Leno was a Vietnam War veteran and legal attorney and was quite clearly very fond of his TR3A. In the video, Jay Leno talks about how, as a result of his earnings on NBC, he was able to repair the car to perfection after his brother suffered an accident with it.

The new series of Jay Lenos garage launches on CNBC, 9th November at 10pm ET and the trail can be seen below.

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Ronald Stoor

In Jay Leno`s video, he calls his TR a TR3. It really is a TR3A. My first car was a 1959 TR3A. I am glad to
see him finely review it. Thanks for the post. Ron Stoor

steve Chester

Hi Ronald,
I feel I must correct you on this. He is strictly correct in calling his car a TR3.
This model was only referred to as 3A by the press in an effort to distinguish it from earlier model. It was never referred to 3A by Triumph.

John Bychok

It is quite obvious that the car is extremely important to Jay. It is a touching story and we should be glad that Jay shared it with us. Who cares about what the car was called !