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Original Style Aeroscreen Mounts TR2-3-3A


New Batch Stock Now Arrived:-

The Mounting Bracket Kits are suitable for TR2-3-3A cars that have the factory drilled and tapped aeroscreen mounting bolt holes on the scuttle top. Later TR3A and TR3B cars will need to scuttle top drilling to accept the brackets.

The kit enables aftermarket aeroscreens to be fitted to your car without having to drill the scuttle top, if your car already has the factory mounting bolt holes.

The mounting bracket set is designed to allow the aeroscreens, if required, to remain on the car when the windscreen is refitted.

Special Note Before Buying  - Please make 3 measurements.

1. The distance from the edge of the aeroscreen mounting bolt hole to the dash top capping trim on your car.
This dimension must be greater than 38 mm to the hole edge or 43 mm to the centre of the bolt.

2. The diameter of the mounting spigot of your chosen aeroscreens.
The brackets are made to fit aeroscreens with a spigot of 19.25 mm or 3/4” diameter.
Special Note: One aeroscreen maker produces items that do not have a round spigot, dimensions vary from 18 to 21 mm oval.  It is  recommended that an oval aeroscreen spigot is simply filed, to remove the high spot and make it more circular/round to fit the mounting bracket hole.

3. The width of the mounting faces of your chosen aeroscreens.
The brackets are designed to fit aeroscreens of 310 mm to 320 mm width.

The kit contains :-

4 brackets/mounts to fit 2 aftermarket manufacture aeroscreens to one car.  They are made from clear anodized aluminium.  The finish looks like milky chrome, not a bright mirror polished finish. 

4 foam base gaskets.  (Not pictured).

4 fibre washers required for width adjustment. 

Fitting Instructions.

ONE CAR KIT of 4 mounts with gaskets, washers and instructions as described above:-

GBP 115.00 not including special delivery postage and insurance. 

Delivered to UK - total cost is GBP 123.50
Delivered to Europe - total cost is GBP 127.50
Delivered to Australia,NZ,Asia,USA - total cost is GBP 130.00

These prices have been revised and are good as of Dec 2017.

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  • Category: Parts
  • Model: TR2-TR3-TR3A-TR3B Up To TS32833
  • County: Middlesex

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