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Wye Dean at the IWE

Wye Dean at the IWE

A very successful & enjoyable weekend was had by all!! 10 members camped, plus Will & his friend, and let's not forget the star of the Oakley household....Tillie, the black spaniel puppy - absolutely gorgeous. The weather was on our side, so camping for those of us under canvas was a pleasure, added to by the fabulous backdrop of the Malvern Hills. The atmosphere was very positive - that may have been something to do with free beer (or wine or Pimms) on Friday evening. The bidding for the auction of prize items & experiences was brisk, and a substantial amount was raised for Cystic Fibrosis. Those who were successful in taking up a seat in one of the 3 the Auto solo demonstration circuits are probably still buzzing from the experience!

John Williams and Julian entered their TR4 & TR2 respectively into the Pride of Ownership competitions, and Dick displayed his TR7 in the Survivor's category.

John was awarded 2nd place in his category, and Dick was awarded a third, which came as a surprise as we didn't think it was being judged, so well done to them. The photo shows John being awarded his prize.

Three of us joined in with Paul Tunnadine's walk onto the Malvern Hills on Sunday morning for a break from the cars, so thanks to 'Cat' for leading the group - the views were spectacular. Some members joined us for part of the weekend, and left bearing boxes of goodies, and spent time in conversation with enthusiasts from other groups to glean information about their cars - a fruitful exchange of ideas and information.

John Williams sent in the following message, which sums up the weekend beautifully -

"WOW, what an impressive input of cars from Wye Dean group at IWE 2017. In the concours hall:

Julian with his gorgeous TR2 [enhanced by a magic potion he & I shared to shine our cars for judging].

Dick with the charismatic TR7 which won a nice plaque - well deserved!

Me with the TR4.

Nick in the parade ring interviewed with his well travelled TR4

Other colleagues were there and that must surely make Wye Dean an eminent group in the TR Register!! Jeff & Caroline, Alan, Kevin & Carol...[must have forgotten someone - please forgive me!]. (B adds - Rod, Nick, Beryl & Dick, Karen & Tony, Julian, Bev, Wil & Wil's friend PLUS Tillie, the spaniel puppy)

This year's star buy from stalls....TR4 original speedo drive assembly for £3.00. Don't need immediately, but probs saved £40 on a new item! [2 years ago it was the sprung spoke steering wheel at £40, saving £160 on a revamped item!].

A great success for Wyedean [I am envious of Dick's plaque - I think larger and got more colour in it than mine!!].

Wallow in the well deserved success!!

Best wishes to all John" Thank you John

So - it's all over until the next time! You can view some photos from the weekend under the Gallery tab.

ps - NIck, the cherries were delicious!

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