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Group effort

Group effort

A really great May's effort

Our outing on "Drive It Day", to Guy Martins Pub, in Kirkmington, was very successful, on a warm day, with a total of eight cars attending.

We were very happy to have Chris and Lindy, in their TR5, come to join us, and a good time was had by us all.

The meeting in May was well attended, and the weather allowed us some "car park" time, before going into the lounge for a warm.

Jeff told us of his TR6, failing its test due to a poor Chassis, meaning he would miss our summer outings. It was exceptional to have several members's of the group offer to help him change the Chassis, and makes me so proud to be part of this group. We decided that the long May weekend, would give us three days to progress the work, as far as possible, and Martin and Sue, offered their home, as the place to have it done.

Martin organised the car to be brought on his trailer, and on the Friday removed many parts, to have the body ready for lifting off, at the start of the weekend. He had a good Chassis, available for Jeff to use, and it was painted black, during the week, as it had been primed several years ago.

There were between five and six volunteers on all the three days and that proved to be an ideal number, and allowed us to have the body back on its new Chassis, by the Monday. Any parts found to be worn were replaced, whilst the Chassis was empty, and several of Jeff's "wish list" of jobs was also solved. We were all very grateful to Sue for her supply of tea and sandwiches that helped us through the work, and putting up with us all wrecking her lovely home. The following weekend gave us the opportunity to complete the work, and book the car for a test the following Monday.

I will write a story of the work done and its problems for the Magazine, to help any anyone else, to do similar work.

It was confirmed, that we would all meet, at the Services on the M18, for our weekend in Whitby on the 12th. We have found a long weekend allows us to have a good social get together, with our friends and cars. Jeff being able to join us in his car will make this all better.


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