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The Wensum TR Group Summer Party

The Wensum TR Group Summer Party



Our first Summer Party, conceived, hosted and organised by Lynne & Alan Strong, ably assisted by Paula and Mark Winter, this event proved to be a most welcome addition to our annual calender. Ninety people attended the party and were all treatedto a great afternoon and evenings entertainment. Mind you seeing some of the sorry campers who turned up for breakfast the next morning this could be open for discussion. The unusual idea of employing a pizza kitchen to supply I quote 'as many pizza's as you can eat' was a great success ably supported by salads desserts cheese and biscuits and coffee provided by Paula and Lynne.

As usual the weather forecasters prediction of rain starting at 4-00 proved spot on, why do they only get the bad forecasts correct, but fortunately Alans Dutch Barn came to our rescue as we very quickly move to a semi indoor location. Music was provided by Andy Carr much to the delight of the ladies who still managed to be dancing at the close.

Whilst the entertainment and eating were going on, Mark ran a car challenge, this innovative course involved driving around a slippery track balancing a football on the bonnet as can be seen on the Gallery photos.

The final icing on the cake was the announcement that a total of £126.00 had been collected for our selected charity 'Sea Palling Inshore Lifeboat' well done everybody.

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