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8th July 2023

TR8 Day at the British Motor Museum

TR8 Day at the British Motor Museum

This is an event organised by factory TR8 owners for factory TR8 owners. 

You simply need to own a factory TR8 whether you are a member of the various Triumph clubs or not. It is open to any TR8 that can get to the UK, so any TR8’s from European countries are also most welcome.

There are around 120 factory TR8’s in the UK with around 60 across Europe and it is simply a meeting to get as many as possible in the same place at the same time. We hope to have some planned events at the Hotel in the evening and possibly events during the day. Details to follow.

Hotel accommodation is being organised close by for owners to stay the Saturday evening and there is the possibility to camp but the evenings events will be at the hotel.

More details will follow however in the first instance we just need you to please send an email to letting Brian or Richard know you are interested in attending. 

Some details for the TR8 you plan to attend in would be most welcome, such as chassis number etc. Please feel free to share the event as we want the invitation to reach as many TR8 owners as possible. We will then contact you with more information as it becomes available.