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1st March 2017

Kennet Valley TR Group March Club Night - KVG AGM

Kennet Valley TR Group March Club Night - KVG AGM

KVG will hold its Annual General Meeting, so this is the formal notice of our AGM which will be on the 1st March 2017 which will commence at 20:00 at The Angel, Bath Road, Woolhampton, Berkshire, RG7 5RT.

As always I remind you that being a member of the TR Register and locally the KVG, entitles you as a 'share holder' to be involved in the running of the club by becoming a member of the local or national committee, giving your opinion or just helping out.

As part of the constitution of the club, we are obliged (although not mandatory) to hold an AGM to give a point at which changes can be made, and this gives the members the opportunity to:

  • Ensure that the Group is organised and administered effectively.
  • Receive information of the financial status and activities of your Group.
  • Give an opportunity to have a voice in running your Group.
  • Consider nominations and to elect or re-elect your Group Leader and committee members

Please see the full notice here: KVG-Notice-of-AGM-2017-20-2-17.pdf

We look forward to seeing you there.

TRaah for Now,

Phil Horsley - GL