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TRAction 315

TRAction 315

Well, May saw us out and about as usual. In fact we enjoyed two main events in May:

Wednesday, May 15th: RAF Scampton:

Brilliant day out at the historic home of the Dambusters. We had a fantastic tour of the Dambusters Museum and found out all about their heroic mission during World War Two. It was really great to see so many TRs-and a few other interesting classics-congregate – they realy did look splendid on the airfield! Thanks must go to the Derbyshire Dales group for setting up the event and our friends and neighbours in the Leicestershire Group, who we joined forces with-as is often the case!

Sunday, May 19th: Wroxall Abbey:

Nene Valley attended this meeting, billed as the 50th anniversary of the TR6, with, appropriately, five TR6s belonging to Mike Scott, Steve Denton, Mike Clarke, John Hourd and me. Again, we combined forces with the Leicestershire group and travelled in convoy. We were so excited at this event that we even bought some TR6 50th anniversary plaques and T-shirts!

If you'd like to see videos of our antics on the two events, please do check out our resident media guru, Steve Denton's videos on YouTube-just search for his name!

That's all for now, happy motoring till next time!

Nene Valley Group

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