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Social Scene Report 312

Social Scene Report 312

Hi fellow followers – A quiet time of the year for club activities. Our Pub Meets have proved ever popular (albeit without our beloved TR's ). Our Events Committee met on 7th February to plan the years events and our group should by now have received a copy of our Calendar.

We have seen a few car changes namely Peter Parkinson replacing his TR6 with a gold 1982 TR7 with a Rimmers Mark 3 body kit fitted. He is currently attending to the suspension, seats and tidying up the bodywork.

Peter Taylor has replaced his series one Jaguar E type for a very nice 1989 Mercedes 300SL. Peter still of course has his very fine TR7.

Phil Corney, ably assisted by Graham Wallis has replaced the clutch on his TR6 and carrying out repairs to the floor pan. I also,with the help of Graham, have had to yet again replace the clutch on my TR6. I assure you that it is not because I have heavy feet.

Asking around, more of the guys have been busy. George Whyment has had to rebuild the starter on his 3a, Phil Core has had the diff rebuilt on his TR6. I understand Jon Corn has re bushed his cars suspension and Frank D'eath has replaced his car's drive shafts.

I hope this report has not been boring but with the lack of activities to write about, I thought it was interesting to see what is happening inside our workshops.

Camb Followers Group

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