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Social Scene Report 304

Social Scene Report 304

Hi Fellow followers. The events Committee met on Monday 5th February and planned what we hope will be an enjoyable and eventful year for all. You will, of course, by now have received your copy of our Calendar and if not please let Trevor or myself know. We also intend to arrange some ad hoc events throughout the year, some on weekdays as this idea was well received last year. We will keep members informed by email and of course on our Website. Our first Saturday lunch meet took place on 27th February when we met at The White Hart at Warboys for Lindsey to spoil us with her fine food.

Work is still progressing in the workshops for our guys, with George Whyment having replaced the prop shaft and rebuilt the diff on his TR6, following the installation of an engine oil separator. Nick Waller had a major overdrive failure on his journey back from Switzerland together with a head gasket problem which basically has resulted in an engine, gearbox and overdrive overhaul. Oh the fun in owning a "classic". However his " dove " is virtually complete and he has just ordered the carpet set.

Paul Dobson, a recent new member from Alconbury, has now acquired a very nice low mileage Green TR6 from TRGB, with the help of consultation from George Whyment. We look forward to him joining us on some of our planned events. David Beardsley is still progressing with his TR4A rebuild, Following the shell being acid dipped he is about to start the long haul of putting it together again (See photo).

Dave Burton

Camb Followers Group

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