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29th October 2017

A very big day for Fiona !! Her 1st drive since we started this project. It was only around our green as it's a private drive and only up to 2nd gear, but a glorious moment nevertheless.

30th October 2017

The brake line leak found and sorted. The problem was the copper washer fitted between the flexible Goodrich pipe and the union. I had fitted the wrong washer ! It was too large and too thin. Such an easy mistake to make and it's a safety issue. You can see from the picture and the dirt foot print that it wasn't seated properly.

1st November 2017

Received new wipers arms from Moss today. Yep, they are very different to the TR6 ones. The passenger (cranked arm) is fine, but I have no idea what they have sent me for the drivers side. It doesn't fit the spindle and won't stay up off the screen when you pull it away for cleaning. It has a grub screw on the spindle head, which I have never seen before and what on earth is that tag for ? This is the sort of delay and frustration that drives me mad. It's such a time waster.

5th November 2017

OK, someone showed me how the wiper arm above works. The tag is for adjusting the length. The rest ? - still doesn't fit. Anyway all avoided now as I managed to get some standard ones from Classic Car Parts. They fit.