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August 2014 -The chassis after shot blasting and priming before the repairs were carried out.

Aug - Sept 2014 The repairs to the chassis were reasonably straightforward. All the usual sections were replaced, renewed and strengthened. Extra jacking plates were fitted to the front cross member and the rear legs and a new bridge was fitted. The chassis was found to be straight with no evidence of any accident damage, except some distortion was found around the front wishbone mounts. So these were also renewed.

September 2014 - The laborious task of waxoyling, painting,inside and outside. I used a remote camera to inspect the inside to ensure everything had been well treated. Messy job.

Oct 2014 - Jan 2015 All new running gear, brakes, poly bushes, CV drive shafts, etc fitted

Finally completed Jan/Feb 2015

Then the power steering rack fitted. It's a hydraulic system from Classic Driving Developments. For Fiona of course, although I have the same on my TR6 and it's great.