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It is July 2015 and looking at the picture heading this post you are asking why does he have the front of the engine apart, didn't he only recently drive this car up the driveway ?

If you go back to that video you will hear me mumble something about a leak from the timing cover gasket. Well it turned out not to be the gasket but a crack near the top of the timing cover itself.

The crack seems to have been worn by the timing chain tensioner and it only opens up when the engine is hot. I never noticed it when I was cleaning, painting and re-assembling the engine but when the engine was running there was a steady drip from the timing cover.

It was obvious once I had removed the timing cover, cleaned off the paint in that area and dug around with a sharp blade that there was a hole.

An hour to get the timing cover off, 10 mins with the MIG and a grinder fixed the crack.

Then another hour to put it all back together again with yet another new oil seal and gasket. I learned that when buying new oil seals and gaskets never buy just one..

Since I had the welder set up I also took care of another item on the to-do list, welding a nut under the front hub grease caps. This allows me to remove the caps by screwing in a bolt and pushing the caps off.