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April 13 2015 was a major milestone in this project as it was the first day since October 2010 that this TR3A had moved under its own steam. I wanted to install the gearbox tunnel as part of the carpet fitting but before I could do that I needed to perform one more task.

The Laycock De Normanville A-Type overdrive uses a solenoid operated valve that allows the overdrive oil pump to pressurize the system and operate the overdrive clutch. The operating lever for that valve has a critical adjustment as we see in the manual.

After some research I found a description of how to use a dial gauge to perform this task and it just took a few minutes to make the adjustment.

I tested the overdrive operation by jacking up the rear of the car so the rear wheels were off the ground and with the rear end supported by axle stands I ran through the gears and tested the overdrive.

With that operation completed I could proceed with the gearbox tunnel installation but not before I took the car for its first test drive up to the end of the driveway and back.

TR3 first drive after rebuild Apr 13 2015 from Stan Foster on Vimeo.