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Wroxall Abbey Run on 19th May 2019

Wroxall Abbey Run on 19th May 2019


In the end there was a respectable turnout, withy a total of 6 WyeDean members' cars appearing:

Alan Barker – TR6

Dave & Lyn Pickthall – TR6

Kevin & Carol Nichols – TR6

Andrew & Sue Breakwell – TR6

John & Pauline Williams – TR4

Julian Oakley – TR2

Alan created a fun run across Herefordshire, then avoiding motorways along Worcestershire & Warwickshire country lanes.

It was a surprise that there was no specific organiser, and the opportunity to line up a very impressive number of TR6's for an early salute to 50 glorious years was lost.

The weather was dry until just before we departed when a sharp shower swept across the venue.

We seemed to leave Kevin & Carol behind when we took off.Dave & Lyn experienced loss of power to an extent on the motorway return, so we also managed to lose touch with them, although they did get home OK.

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