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April activities

April activities

A good April

The weather in April allowed us to have two runs, the first to the "The Water Wheel" and the second on drive it day, to "Crich Tramway Village"

Our early meeting, had us all eager to be out with our cars, and "Drive it day" seemed a long way away. We had eight cars; assemble on Sunday the 14th, for a run, planned by Russ to the Water Wheel. This venue gave us easy parking and a group meal, in the Restaurant, helped by a cool but sunny day, and was enjoyed by us all.

The run on Drive it day was planned by Chris, to the Tramway Village, via Lea gardens, and also proved to be a dry day with twelve of our group attending. Russ had been having injection problems with his TR6, and so he was able to hitch a ride with Jeff, again we all had a great day out together.

Several years ago, I broke a push rod, coming home from a meeting; the engine kept running and got me home. I changed all my smaller diameter push rods to the later type, but the engine was still noisy. The noise was like a badly adjusted rocker gap, but nothing I did, got rid of it. Fast foreword to 2019, and I had an empty garage, whilst my latest restoration was at the painters. This gave me the opportunity to sort my TR2, as I felt only removing the engine would allow me to cure the problem, as the tapping noise seemed to be deep into the block.

The engine was removed and totally stripped, as I wanted to check the "little ends" and crankshaft.

One of the final jobs was to remove the camshaft, for checking, and it was then that I found that the first cam follower would not lift out. The only way it could be removed was through the camshaft hole, which it did easily. All the other followers would fit in all eight positions, but number one would not enter any of the eight guides, from the top. I could feel a slight mark with my finger, on the bottom edge, of the follower, but could not see anything. There was no damage on the camshaft, to be seen, and the reason for the follower damage, is still unknown. I think the broken push rod was not in this position, but I never made a note of it at the time.

As this was the only fault I found, I replaced the cam followers with new and rebuilt the engine.

The engine noise has gone and so it must have been the follower, to blame.

In hindsight, all this could have been done with the engine in place, but at least everything on the engine has now been checked. I enjoy using my TR2 and this super quite engine will make it all the better to use and enjoy.

With all this use of our cars, we are looking foreword to our three days away in Whitby, at the end of May. This year is proving to be very positive for us all, and we intend to keep up all the good work, during the summer months.


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