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Great August Meeting

Great August Meeting

Great August Meeting

We are still meeting at the "Cavalier " in Ravenfield, due to the Royal Oak being closed on Monday and Tuesday, due we are told to "manning problems".This means this venue has been closed to us for most of this year, and we are trying to find an alternative.The Cavalier has a music night on a Tuesday and many of the members cannot move their night. Even so we had a great turn out of eleven cars, and eighteen members there, with their wives and partners. It was a warm evening and most of us spent time discussing our cars, and the projects we still had to do, outside. It was good to have Andrew come all the way from Harrogate in his TR4A, to show us his Fuel injection that he had fitted on his car. James told of his H.T.coil problems, even though it was a new unit, and failed within a week.

This is becoming a problem for us all, as we can no longer rely on new parts being reliable. It seems you need to have a second spare, and he now has two coils on his car.

The wives were happy to meet together, inside, whilst we did this, and make the evening very much better for being there. It was decided to have a run next week on the Thursday, into Derbyshire, as most there could, fit this in better, and the weekend looked wet.

Ian had suggested going to the village of Moynash that he had visited earlier, and many thought this a good idea, as it has a nice cafe.

My thoughts are to meet at "Tankersley" roundabout as normal, but please let me know your preferences. It was suggested an early meeting time, as some were going out in the evening.


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