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October 3rd Meeting

October 3rd Meeting

October 3rd meeting

The dark evenings meant that we were mostly inside the " Royal Oak" in Ulley village, but we still had a very lively and interesting get together, with many wife's in attendance.

We were pleased to see Ian, a new member, in his recently purchased TR3A, and it created quite a stir in the car park.

Ian had positioned the car under the floodlights for maximum effect, and it was good to see a car being used without its hood up, at this time of year. He told us all of his earlier ownership of a 3A, and his determination to have another one in retirement. I was lucky enough to have a ride in the car, and it proved well-sorted and eager, to show off its ability to keep up with modern traffic.

A lot of the members wanted a run before the year was finally lost to winter. There were several suggestions, of a destination, and weather permitting; we will have a run the weekend after next.

I explained that trying to keep our "Social scene" up –to-date, in TR Action, was not possible in the next issue, as the article closing date, was the same day, that I received the Magazine. Living so far north as Yorkshire, must, gives the postal service a problem, or there is something wrong with the magazine deadlines. It may get better when HS2, connects us with the rest of England, but I doubt it.

There I feel much better for my rant, thanks to those who have read it, and watch for the outing details.


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