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Vale of the White Horse: Group BBQ

Vale of the White Horse: Group BBQ

Picture: TRs gather in the growing gloom of the evening.

Despite the slightly chilly conditions last Wednesday evening, GL Robert's BBQ proved a great success. There was the usual round of tyre kicking, lots of TR and non TR related chat, plenty of good food and drink, and even a few games of Aunt Sally (an Oxfordshire pub game). It was also a great opportunity to welcome new members David, Jan, Dick, Christine and Simon.

Picture (above): New member Simon's recently acquired TR6.

Picture (above): New member David's TR is currently off the road, so he brought along his beautiful MG TD instead.

Picture (above): Prepared for every eventuality, Robert makes sure everyone has a blanket. That's why he is GL!

Thank you all for joining us, and thank you to Yvonne and Robert for your wonderful hospitality (and the blankets).

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