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Vale of the White Horse: Member's TR6 stolen

Vale of the White Horse: Member's TR6 stolen

More of an anti-social report this one. I'm sad to relay that one of our Vale of the White Horse group members, Philip Blanchard, had his 1973 white LHD TR6 (registration: ABW 309L), with blue interior and black hood, stolen in Summertown, Oxford in the early hours of 13th May.

We believe that there is a strong possibility that this was an opportunist theft, as the car was taken from a private car park where nobody could have anticipated it being. What was also odd is that the car was driven away from where it was stolen to the outskirts of Oxford (where it was caught on a police camera at 5.45) and then driven back into Oxford where it was caught on camera again (at 7.10am) very close to where it was taken from. That might indicate the actions of an opportunist thief/joy rider returning back to home ground, rather than a professional who had stolen the car to order. If so, it's possible that the car is still in Oxford, either ditched somewhere or being hidden in a garage.

We would ask all TRR members, particularly those around the Oxford area, to be on the look out for Philip's car, and if you have any information to report it to the police or to contact Philip via

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