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Vale of the White Horse Group: May Day woes and Basingstoke blast

Vale of the White Horse Group: May Day woes and Basingstoke blast

Picture: Balmy in Basingstoke.

May Day bank holiday saw several members of the Vale of the White Horse (VOWH) Group drive out in support of a local event, the Carterton May Day Fair. Held annually in aid of the Save the Children Fund, the fair includes a car boot sale, dog show, and classic cars (about 12 in total this year).

We began the day by meeting at group members Kate and Chris' house and joining in convoy of a TR4, TR8 and two TR5s for the short drive to Carterton. Chris led the way, until about ten minutes into the journey there was a cough and a splutter from his TR4 and on came his hazard warning flashers as the car coasted to a halt. Fortunately, we were on a clear stretch of road and in a reasonably safe position, so we all pulled up behind and went to investigate.Without having to look Chris knew what the problem was, a fuel blockage. He told us that it had happened before and could usually be cleared pretty quickly, but this time there was no such luck, so the rest of us pressed on to meet with Pat and Tony, with the idea that Tony would return to Chris and tow him. However, by the time Tony reached Chris the car was going again, so the day went ahead as planned.

Picture: Carterton before the rains came.

Given that the prior Sunday we were shivering in temperatures of around 6 °C at the Bicester Heritage scamble, Carterton's 13 °C seemed positively balmy in comparison, but just after lunch the rain came and sent us rushing to our cars to erect hoods and get into the dry. Not that the rain spoiled the day too much, because as always it was nice to spend a few hours with TR friends.

A week later, there were no such worries at the excellent Basingstoke Festival of Transport, where VOWH members (including Chris, who had cleaned out his TR4's fuel system in the week) joined with members from Kennet Valley and Windsor Forest in what must have been the hottest day of the year to date, at around 26 °C. Dave, from the Isle of Wight TRs group, also joined the fun in his beautiful looking TR5.

Picture: Under the TRR banners at Basingstoke.

Under the TR Register banners, we had 17 TRs and three Stags. Elsewhere, scattered around the show, there were at least another 10 TRs that I counted. In total there were 430 vehicles exhibited, alongside the added attraction of an auto-jumble. Our thanks goes to Kennet Valley Group Leader Phil Horsley for organising the stand.

Picture: Row two of TRs at Basingstoke.

For me, as always, the real joy in these events is the drive there and back, especially when it's in convoy. Can there be anything better than seeing TRs ahead on the road and more in the mirror? With the sun beating down, our blast home from Basingstoke was particularly good, especially when we whipped past a red E-Type Jag.

Our next club meeting will be at the Horse and Jockey, Stanford in the Vale, SN7 8NN, on Wednesday 18 May, at 7.30. Please come and join us for lots of TR and non-TR chat, some good ale and perhaps a bite to eat too. No matter if you currently own a TR or not, you and anyone who you wish to bring along will be most welcome.

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