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Social Scene 327

Social Scene 327

As the year, that cannot be mentioned, is destined for the history books as a serious Annus Horribilis, the future is looking bright. Although the virus has become more active and will probably become 19A, sound familiar, we will fight it in the laboratories, hospitals, front rooms and of course our garages. We will never give in, especially as we are now armed with vaccines.

HG Wells wrote about people returning to normality, after the Martians had died, beaten by our microscopic bugs that make up our bodies. It’s just now our bugs need some help.

The year, that cannot be mentioned, was memorable for TVG, not in a bad way, but a year that bought many people together through an increased use of social media and just having a chat on the phone. Membership has increased despite a sad loss and a TR being sold in order to get married!

It also meant major projects such as Tim’s TR8, Bob’s engine rebuild and my gearbox saga went ahead and became the major talking point on our WhatsApp group. Long may it continue.

We trust 2021 will bring back the car shows, our trips to Scotland and Yeovil are well into the planning stage and TS2 is booked to be a major star at Brooklands. The BBQ will return at Malvern!

Eight members even managed to have a Sunday lunch, early December at The Surrey Oaks, with us all spread around on different tables. As you can see from the photo, Roger, went for the Christmas offering of the great British Scotch egg! Before you write into complain, Scotch eggs have nothing to do with Scotland.

2021 will be our Annus Mirabilis and another time to thank the NHS for their incredible ongoing work.

Happy New Year everyone.

Thames Valley Group

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