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Social Scene 322

Social Scene 322

Neil Pinto writes:

After nearly eight weeks of lockdown, not able to use my TR other than for “essential” trips to the supermarket, it was with great excitement that I received the news this week that we were able to drive a longer distance to a scenic location, as long as socially acceptable distancing rules were observed on arrival.It was my wife’s birthday yesterday, and we had agreed that a great way to celebrate would be to take a drive down to the coast in the TR, and have a decent walk.The weather was lovely and gave the chance to blast down the A3 to our nearest bit of coast.I hasten of course to add that national speed limits were respected throughout!I could almost hear the TR breath a sigh of relief at the chance to properly warm up.No chance to stop off for coffee en route, or to partake of victuals at a hostelry on arrival, but we’d got our thermos flask and a picnic, so all was good.The sun shone and it was great to spend time walking on coastal paths.I did not see any other classic cars on our run, but I’m sure that TR owners are also taking advantage of the relaxation to the rules.In these challenging times, when all TR meetings are off the cards, we need to take enjoyment where we can.

At the time of writing it is not clear when the restrictions might be relaxed more, and whether it will be possible to enjoy any of the summer collectively in our TRs.I am aware that some of our number might well be self-isolating at home, unable to get out as my wife and I had done.TR owners (with apologies to the youth group) tend to be of more “mature years” and therefore more susceptible to the virus.There are also those with underlying health issues for whom the situation must be truly terrifying.As I parked my TR back in the garage after our day out, I realised just how fortunate I was. Our thoughts go out to these members and their partners.We look forward to meeting up with you again.

Other members of the TVG have taken advantage of warmer weather to get on with long standing projects.There are few longer standing than the rebuilding of Dick Hunt’s 4A – a project that is reputed to have started whilst Triumph were still making TRs!His engine has been completely rebuilt to a high spec by Racetorations, and gearbox, overdrive and diff have also all been rebuilt.Dick did send a video of his engine running, but this would not really translate well into TR action!As the car had been involved in a front-end shunt before his ownership, he has had his chassis and tub checked for straightness prior to rectifying any potential issues.Rumour has it that Dick has been adapting components from later TRs to incorporate into his car.It’s also said that he will soon be able to hide completely behind his ever-growing beard.Meanwhile our gallant GL, David Goswell, has been able to get on tackling his gearbox and overdrive changeover.

Needless to say, all of the festivities which were planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of TVG this year have been cancelled, though I’d prefer to think that they are merely postponed.When we get to the other side of this, we need to have one hell of a party to celebrate!The 51st anniversary of TVG sounds like an ideal opportunity.

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