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Ferrari visit

Ferrari visit

On Sunday the 21st of May, our group visited the private car collection of local businessman Gordon Deuchars.

The visit had been arranged by Bryan Robertson one of our members and Gordon's friend and colleague. A big thank you to Bryan for organising a fantastic day out.

Arriving at the store where Gordon's cars are housed, little did we know the treat the day held. Gordon is a self-confessed car fanatic with a penchant for Ferraris. Our jaws were seen to drop considerably as we stepped inside the store! Gordon greeted us warmly, then, introduced us to his collection of thirteen beautifully pristine Ferraris all set out in a chronological display. Two Porches, a Cobra and a McLaren Mercedes completed the array. All our dreams had come true at the same time !

As we wandered admiringly from one beauty to the next, Gordon told us his story and answered our unending stream of questions. He knows everything that there is to know about Ferraris and as a result was incredibly interesting to listen to.

As Gordon fired up the Cobra the noise made our ribs rattle in our chests ! When one of the Ferraris got going, well, those of us who have experienced the thrilling sounds of a Grand Prix, will know the scream that emanates from these cars. The sound was deafening and inside the enclosed space, magnified beyond belief. A real thrill! Gordon's passion for his cars was evident.

Our interest in Gordon's story led to an invitation to be shown around his precision engineering works. Our little convoy was headed by Gordon in one of his Ferraris as we set off.

The tour of his work's premises was fascinating as reflected in the rapt looks on the faces of our group. We all listened with great attention and interest as it was explained the design and manufacture process of the engineered parts. The machinery which produces these was also a source of great interest. Absolutely riveting, if you'll pardon the pun ! Gordon is a passionate about his business as he is his cars.

At the end of the tours, Duncan Menzies, our group leader, gave the well-deserved vote of thanks. An interesting, informative and inspirational outing.

Now, this comes from a woman who dragged her feet a little at the thought of the day wrong I was!

Thank you again to all those involved in organising such an excellent event and to Gordon for sharing his passions with us.

Alison Morrison

Tay TRs Group

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