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IWE Malvern 2015

IWE Malvern 2015


On Friday many of the Scottish group arrived bringing good weather with them. Steve Craig turned up, looking good with his fancy newly restored TR6 complete with l.e.d. lamps and bonnet louvers in red. Those of us who were camping had difficulty getting our tent pegs into the ground it had been so dry in Malvern. We all helped each other setting up our tents and the two gazebos. Our lunch eaten at the Stockman's was a well-earned all day breakfast. The rest of the afternoon was spent discussing road traffic travelling south, TR`s, food, drink and the advantages of camping. For tea we travelled into Malvern to Wetherspoons by taxi to allow the group to enjoy some light refreshments.

Saturday allowed us all to view the splendid TRs in the arena area and the cars on display in the concours areas. Bill Gardner was seen cleaning and preparing his superb powder blue TR3 for the concours event. My highlight of the day was attending the supercharging technical forum. This was enough to give anyone the confidence to supercharge their TR. More time was spent looking at the traders' stands and the Bring and Buy sales. The weather stayed bright and warm. Our tea was the traditional BBQ which was fantastic with more than enough to eat: steaks, burgers, lamb, pork mince and lamb balls and salad followed by a wonderful selection of puddings and custard with drink to help it on its way down.

Sunday started off a bit dull but the weather improved as the day went on. This was our last chance to pick up any bargains from the Traders. I must admit I spent very little money this year on parts but fancy a supercharger kit. I sold my steering wheel on the Bring and Buy, bought a glove box puller, electronic ignition and got a spare set of keys cut. I enjoyed going into the arena with Ian Walker to celebrate 50 years of the TR4 ate a ½lb burger for my lunch. Bill Gardner won the Pride of Ownership trophy with his TR3 which was a credit to him and the time and effort he had put in preparing his car for the event. Our tea was another trip to Wetherspoons in Malvern to celebrate Bill's success.

Monday morning saw us all packing up our tents and the gazebo before the rain started. I would describe the IWE as the best TR event for the year, brilliant company, lots of laughs and banter, great food and lastly plenty of TR car talk.

Jim Clark

Tay TRs Group

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