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Drive it Day 2020 (one to remember)

Drive it Day 2020 (one to remember)

Well 2020 drive it day will be and was like no other that's for sure.

Where in the past we would have enjoyed a good drive whether it be as a group or individual either way we would have a good run. Here's how some of us have passed this years drive it day.

Myself I chose to spend time catching up on my ''to do list''

Group leader Dave Wiltshire though no longer has his TR4a has spent his time cleaning his Stag.

Dave's former TR4a prior being sold and replaced by the Stag.

Neil (TR4) has chosen not to monkey around or take any chances.

Tony in the same frame of mind not taking any chances either, though I must say it would have been nice to have taken the TR5 for a run rather than having to admire it parked on the drive.

Long time owner (44 years) Dave P. stunning Emerald green TR6, I think a longer run would have been more enjoyable rather than a dash to the fuel station and to make matters worse fuel being so cheap, dam

Talking of long term ownership and new to our area here is Nick M TR6. Having been in his family since the car's original owner bought it new and took it home to surprise his wife who trumpet his surprise by saying ''I'm pregnant take it back'' and so Nick's dad bought it three months later back in 1974.

Steve H again could only have wished he could have enjoyed a drive out in his stunning TR4a

David C. TR7 enjoying the sunshine but not the roads it was built for.

Lik so many of us again Peter H TR6 could only manage drive backwards out of the garage.

Though the next few may not be TR's their owners did enjoy being able to say they had one and are still very much part of our group. I'll start with Dave N with his Gilbern

Dave's former car was a TR4a and the cars new owner Chris is very much part of our monthly meetings.

Last but not least is Colin B a former group leader who had years of joy with his TR6 and being part of a group of seven of us who drove to Greece in 2007. Sadly yet another car that can only be parked on the drive.

but more classic times Colin's former TR6 below.

Not so much a ''Drive it day 2020'' perhaps more of a park it day.

Stay safe.

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