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​Shropshire Group’s Report for TR Action 322

​Shropshire Group’s Report for TR Action 322

Shropshire Group’s Report for TR Action 322

What a disappointing time we are having – no Drive-it-Day and great weather but unable to meet up and drive our TRs

The biggest blow of all was the cancellation of the Shropshire Spring Tour. We had spent many months planning a five day/four night tour of the Peak District, staying at The Lee Wood Hotel in Buxton, for 20 cars and 39 people. Fortunately, the hotel allowed us to reschedule our booking for next year.

However, all was not lost because we ran a virtual tour, even with a virtual Rally Plaque (thank you, Alice). The organisers, Greg, Peter, Gordon and Roger sent out a report each night. These reports contained details the routes we had not driven, descriptions of places we hadn’t visited and photos of sights we hadn’t seen. A most enjoyable exercise. It certainly firmed up the route instructions and sorted our lefts from our rights. We are all looking forward to doing it for real in 2021.

Last year was the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the Shropshire Group and Gordon is putting together an album to record the Group to date. During the course of research, we came across Adrian Smith, who now runs the local Riley Club. Whilst Adrian’s TR Activities pre-dated the Shropshire Group, he was an exceedingly early member of the TR Register. You can read what he told us in the attached PDF document.

Thanks, Adrian, for sharing your memories.

The Shropshire Group have stayed together and in touch using e-mail, WhatsApp and the Group’s Facebook site. We are even going to try a virtual meeting with Zoom!





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