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Shropshire Group's Social report for TR Action 312

Shropshire Group's Social report for TR Action 312

Shropshire Group's Report for TR Action 312

Our final activity for 2018 was the Turkey Trot which was reported in the previous edition of TR Action. January's Club Night was well attended and was our last one at The Aston. February's Club Night will be our first at The Horseshoe Inn, Uckington, and will be our Group AGM.

The fact that we've had no events since then doesn't mean that things aren't happening. Much planning for 2019 has been done and a Calendar of Events has been published on the Group's website. However, this has been growing exponentially as fresh events are announced and will be updated periodically.

The Snowdrop Run has been arranged for Sunday 17th February and The March Hare Run for 31stMarch. The Drive-it-Day Run will take place on 28th April and runs are planned for almost each month of the year.

Our Tour of Northumbria will take place in May and groups of members are organising individual tours to such diverse places as Scotland and Italy.

Unfortunately, The Wharf Classic Car Meet has been a victim of its own success and has grown so large, with over 400 cars attending, that neither Shropshire nor Stoke Groups feel that they can continue to organise it. The venue, The Wharf Tavern at Goldstone, is handling this event in house.

Sadly, we said goodbye to Les Woodall who passed away on 24th January. Les was a longstanding member of the Group but had been unable to attend events over the last few years due to illness. His funeral took place at Telford Crematorium on 12th February. Our thoughts are with his family.

For further details of 2019 events please see our website at

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