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TR Register Drive-It-Day 2018

TR Register Drive-It-Day 2018

Drive-it-Day 2018 will be remembered for its chaotic start and chaotic end. But the bit in the middle was good!

Unfortunately our originally planned meeting point was overrun with thousands of bikers (in fairness they did raise over £87,000 for the Air Ambulance). So our start was hastily re-arranged to Salop Leisure. Frantic e-mails, texts and phone calls were made to ensure that members were aware of the change. Apologies to those who did not get the message in time.

The weather was not so kind. However, 18 cars assembled at Salop Leisure, which was not yet open and no refreshments were available.

We started the run with roofs firmly in place and travelled by an interesting route through Montgomery and Newtown to Llanbrynmair. We stopped for refreshmentsat Café Draig in the Old Village Hall. This shares its premises with a shop selling animated wooden toys both as a finished article and in kit form – a bit like a TR then! Grafton and David & Jacky Naylor joined us here.

After the break the sun was shining! Roofs came off! We drove a very minor narrow road from Llanbrynmair to join the A470 near Brigands Inn some 6½ miles later. However as we climbed higher towards the pass at Dinas Mawddwy the sky became greyer and mistier. We arrived in Barmouth thoroughly damp and roofs went on immediately! This put paid to the Sand Castle Competition so we went in search of fish & chips.

The run back was similarly damp and plagued with roadworks controlled by traffic lights. It was in one of these sections that a group of bikers came up behind Phil & Alice and, as they were slowing down, one ran into the back of their car. It takes quite an impact to completely buckle the rear bumper of a TR6. Fortunately no one was injured.

The plan had been to have tea and cakes at Llanfair Caereinon Station. However many cars failed to stop! Those of us who did were well looked after by the Station's volunteers.

All in all, a good run of approximately 150 miles.

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