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August meeting

August meeting

Hi all,

I hope those of you that made it to the Triumph weekend had a good time, a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and make new ones.

We have had a number of invitations from other groups I met there, both TR and TSSC, for meeting up on our club night and I will circulate dates once they are confirmed. On the same theme we had planned another run out for tomorrows meeting, but it has had to be postponed and looks like it will now be on Friday 6th September now, so we are postponing tomorrow nights meeting, I hope that doesnt inconvenience you at such short notice. We are also trying to squeeze a group Barbecue in during the next 2-3 weeks while there is still some good weather forecast!

In the meantime, the weather is set to get warmer and dryer so enjoy the opportunity to get the car out or be inspired to get some more work done on the one still in the garage!

Ridgeway Group

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