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Red Rose Group Members Cars Webpage

Red Rose Group Members Cars Webpage

Members Cars Local Group Webpage

At the January 2018 meeting Mike Grimes suggested that that we set-up a members profile page on the Red Rose local group website so that members could add photos of themselves with their cars, and if desired add a bit of supporting information. This would add additional interest for current members but also allow new members to integrate a little easier by being able to put names to faces of existing members.

It was agreed that this was a great idea and an additional webpage was requested from the TR Register office. A 'Members Cars' webpage has now been added and now requires content from you all.

Please e-mail the following to Phil Moss (Red Rose Group Web Editor) at

- Member(s) name(s)
- Car make/model and year of registration
- Year owned since
- Good quality photo of owner(s) with car
- It is not mandatory but if you want to add supporting information that you think will be of interest please send this also (for example: other cars owned now/previously, countries visited in your car, interesting story about your car etc.)
- Should you have more than one car, multiple photos and associated details can be included

Please send your details through to me at your earliest convenience.
Many Thanks, Phil

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