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TR Action London Group report for issue 326 & updated for 327

TR Action London Group report for issue 326 & updated for 327

As I write this we are in week 2 of the 2nd Lockdown and so our usual activities which were beginning to sort of start have yet again been curtailed, HOWEVER that has given us yet again a chance to work on our beloveds or more aptly get someone to work their magic on our beloveds and of course we did get a couple of socially distanced group meeting in as reported in 325.

So as before ZOOM has come to our rescue and what a raucous first Lockdown 2 meeting it was. The chat somehow ended up with us all comparing the models we had of our TR’s within our studies. Other models such as tanks, Porsches, boats, widgets et cetera were also compared, and as happens whenever we compare and contrast a certain competitiveness comes into play. However, Steve Bamforth undoubtedly took the title, we all agreed, with not only an interesting array of model vehicles including a fine model of his TR6 but also as he swung his camera back, flying above him suspended from the ceiling was an Airfix Lancaster Bomber, a Mosquito and a Spitfire. Under questioning he claimed that his study used to be his son’s bedroom and he just hadn’t bothered to take them down. Of course, all on the call were very supportive of this statement and accepted it without question, As I am sure you can all imagine? Great Fun!

One thing though that we have been beavering away at, is our 2021 Calendar. To populate the TRLG Calendars, traditionally we have pictures that chronologically record the previous year so the January picture is from an event held in January et cetera. Due to so many cancelled events this year we asked the TRLG membership to send us pictures of their cars and boy did we get a result, an embarrassment of riches as one might say. A big thank you to you all. One picture though that sadly did not make the final cut due to timings was the breath-taking picture Daniel Le Vesconte took of his TR4 which is attached. I think you will agree a superb looking car.

Hopefully by our next report 327 we should have a little more to talk about, in the meantime please stay safe, look after yourselves and get those TR’s shining.

London Group

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