TR Action London Group report for issue 320

TR Action London Group report for issue 320

As I write this the dark clouds of Storm Dennis are beginning to gather which of course may have a bearing on the proposed TR activities of this weekend, but let’s see what happens. So, what has happened thus far with the TR Register London Group.

The Christmas Party was a great success, 23 sat down to their Christmas meals watching the screen which had pictures from every event in 2019 that we as London had attended whilst festive music filled the air. Later after the puds the now annual Intro quiz followed whilst feely bags were handed out, I forget which team actually won but it’s safe to say a good time was had by all.

Quickly after that the TR London Group Awards were presented, we have now 4 different Awards.

The first: The TR Nut - Awarded to the individual who has demonstrated physical Commitment to The TRLG events calendar either throughout the year or has illustrated via an exceptional event unquestionable commitment to the TRLG events calendar – Well done Barry Rowe

The Second: The Piston from Above - Awarded to the individual who through no fault of their own has endured both un-expected and expensive additional costs associated with the running of their TR – Congratulations to Richard Cooper

The Third: The Dipstick - Awarded to the individual who has not only illustrated unusual foolishness, brainlessness or indeed just plain dull-wittedness but has done so either in public or has then proceeded to broadcast their idiocy to the wider Group – Presented to my good self I think for the 4th year

The Fourth a new Award this year presented by Crown Classics: The London Group Clubman Award - Awarded to a member who has made a significant, positive, contribution to an event or has contributed to an event far and above the expectation of a Group member – Exceptionally well-done Richard Newman

Also, we have a convention in London Group that if one of our members with their car makes it on to the Front Cover of TR action, we present them with a framed A3 picture of that Cover. Presented a little late as Will Chignell actually made it on to cover 308 September 2018 marked the end of the Awards

Then hot off the heels of our successful Christmas Party came the New Year’s Day gathering at Brooklands Museum. Fourteen TR’s gathered early on a cold and blowy but thankfully dry New Year’s Day to make the short hop to this premier event. We completely filled our allocated space and the London Group flag flew proud at the beginning of the Start/Finish straight.

2020 is an important year for TR Register London Group as it marks our 50th Anniversary so our activities list will be extensive please keep an eye on the web site. Even if none of activities appeal you are always welcome to come and join us for a noggin and a natter over a beer. You are most welcome to join us on the third Thursday of every month at the Star Inn, Malden Rushett or on the 1st Thursday of the month at different locations (more often than not the Rose of York in Richmond) - please keep an eye on your emails or on the website events page.

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