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TR Action Report London Group presented for issue 281

TR Action Report London Group  presented for issue 281

So we kicked off the year with a cavalcade down to Brooklands for their New Year's Day meet. AS it was the first Thursday of the month (in fact editor of the year!) we claimed it as our first Group meeting. Well for a cold January morning we had a great turnout 8 TR's in total ranging from a 2 to all the way to an 8!!. As ever this was a great event with many different marques on display and a good chance to catch up with the Eastern side of London and a good few other mates. Later in January a select few the Ockendon's the Cornwall's the Hogarth's the Millward's and of course ourselves the Bulford's ventured out west to Lympley Stoke to join in with the late Christmas Party hosted by the ever gregarious Glavon Group an event wonderfully staged from start to finish, A big THANKYOU has to go out to them for organising such a special annual event. As it turned out I think we the London Group actually took more TR's to the event than any other Group OK we did have our roofs up but certainly some leading lights of the Register were spotted driving away in their 4 x 4s!!Our second group meeting took place on the 15th and we decided to visit our birthplace the Weir off Sunbury Lane, what a night it turned out to be two Original members turned up regaling us of tales from long ago, the turn out practically filled the pub New members turned up showing off and their new Babies, I had to give my Car Heart massage and we nearly had a fight! For the quiet month of January the London Group looking back had a rare old time. Finally then we have a busy couple months ahead, by the time you read this Stoneliegh will seems ages ago and our BHP shoot out will, be but a distant memory. But Drive it day, a trip to the Shurlock Arms ,and our AGM will all be looming large, so come and join us even just for a noggin and a natter over a beer, you are most welcome. You can find us on the first Thursday of every month at the Rose of York in Richmond or on the third Thursday at an alternative venue (keep your eye on the web site) - both kick off at around 9.00pm.

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