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TR Action Report London Group presented for issue 279

TR Action Report London Group  presented for issue 279

Whoops sorry about last month, no report, life got in the way, but yes we had a busy ole time; 2 Club meetings, the RBRR, a beautiful drive over the Surrey Hills and witnessed a Tiger at full throttle!. November has in fact been a revelation full of wonderful surprises. This year on the 1st November for our Fireworks get together Party we joined the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington, those that were with us were not only treated to a Real Ale Tent featuring such brews as The Naked Lady and Bishops Revenge but also inside the Pavilion was a fully stocked Bar, a BBQ supplied the food but without doubt the star of the show was the 30 minute Firework display set to music which frankly was spell binding. It is certainly a show we will visit again, what a revelation! The following day was the 2014 AGM at Glavon, our own Roger Hogarth was voted South East Group Director, a well-deserved position. All of the London Group wish Roger well in his new TR register Post and know that he will do an excellent job, Roger you will always have our full support.

The second weekend of November was our monthly pub run. The weather had been looking decidedly November, wet and cold but it brightened up and a merry band gathered ready for the off. Gerry in his beautiful newly restored Valencia Blue TR4A, John and Erica in their yellow TR6 with Erica sporting a wonderful furry hat making her look every inch the film star and Roger in his increasingly well-known TR4A sporting the registration A TRA. After a lovely drive over the Surrey Hills we were made welcome at the Scarlett Arms and were sitting down waiting for our various meals, when all of sudden in walked Steve and Barbara Walters. Steve is both a previous London Group leader and Southern Area Co-ordinator back in the late eighties he drives amongst other vehicles a TR5 prototype TR4A, MON 257F. This was a complete but very welcome surprise, after our meal Steve and Barbara invited us all back for afternoon Tea! Lovely!!

Later in the month a group of us went and bought what we don't need, lusted after what we can't afford, gazed in wonderment at the over engineering of certain vehicles, discussed all things TR over a cup of tea and something luke warm on plate, got sore feet, saw old mates and had a thoroughly good time at the NEC Classic Car show in Birmingham. We also launched our 2015 Calendar at our Alternative Club Night, orders were taken and the first delivery will at our first December meet, 4th December at Richmond, Our Christmas Party is fully arranged and the events for 2015 are taking shape, so come and join us, even just for a noggin and a natter over a beer, you are most welcome. You can find us on the first Thursday of every month at the Rose of York in Richmond or on the third Thursday at an alternative venue (keep your eye on the web site) - both kick off at around 9.00pm

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