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TR Action Report London Group presented for issue 267

TR Action Report London Group  presented for issue 267

Right well here we go my first report as TR Register London Group Leader, firstly I must say a really big thank you to Roger Hogarth, Jean Parkinson and Tony Lennon all of whom, led by Roger, have guided the London Group so effectively and well for the last five years, it's now in a very healthy position. I hope that although now stepping down from their club responsibilities all of them will continue to be active members of the club and continue to contribute in their own special ways; certainly we do not want to lose any of their superb technical knowhow or indeed their undoubted bonhomie!

The new London Group Committee is myself Mark Bulford as Leader, Sarah Fielder as Secretary and David Boucher as our Treasurer, at this stage we are planning our next moves and a full calendar of events will soon be available, along with some new ideas.

May, not a long month but so much going on! May the 4th (be with you) saw 2 London Cars, one piloted by no less a pairing than Roger & Sue Hogarth the other by the Route Meisters themselves John & Erica Millward head off to West Wales to join the Welsh weekend, not a short hop as John & Erica winning the mileage award illustrates. The following weekend was probably the busiest we've had in years, the 12th saw Roger & Sue visit the Herstmonceux Observatory in East Sussex, whilst Su & Bob Cornwell enjoyed the Classics on the Green at Croxley and a merry crew of 5 cars met for a lovely drive down to the Bell at Outward for our the first of what will be our monthly Sunday Pub runs. It was great to see Rob & Sarah in what has become known as the beast, a rather special TR6 and Phil and Hazel Hayden in their beautiful TR5. The weather was beautiful as was the run and the grub. May 16th was our first alternative venue club night and was well attended; the plan is that our second evening meet of the month will move around. The next weekend of course was STAR90 a number of us visiting Gaydon on the Sunday and then the last weekend of May was what has become an annual pilgrimage for London Group, a tour to SPA Franco champs in Belgium to enjoy that classic meet. In total this year we took; 5 cars, 2 chalets (both 4 berth) 2 tents (various sizes), 3 20 minute fast laps, 5 parade laps, 2 ferry crossings and 4 channel tunnel crossings.

So if you fancy joining us for any of our activities or just fancy a natter over a beer you are all most welcome. You can join us on the 1st Thursday of every month at the Rose of York in Richmond or the third Thursday at an alternative venue (keep an eye on the web site), both kick off at around 9.00pm.

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