TR LIncs Valentine's Day 2021 Newsletter

TR LIncs Valentine's Day 2021 Newsletter

TR Lincolnshire February 2021

Happy Valentine's Day. It's hard to believe that it is almost a year since we last were able to all meet up together. It seems a lifetime ago that we enjoyed a great evening at our Annual Dinner at Washingborough Hall. The encouraging news is of course that the vaccine roll out is on target and that there is talk of relaxing some of the Covid-19 restrictions promised in the coming months. Now I don't imagine for one minute that we will be back to the Washingborough Hall level of relaxation but there is a strong possibility of 'outdoor' activities being allowed and possibly 'al fresco' hospitality being permitted from early April. This maybe the green light for us to start to enjoy group events once again. Let us hope so.

I hear that many of you have either already had or are booked in for your vaccination which is great news and gives us more confidence of being able to resume activities hopefully soon. There has been little activity to report over the last month as you might expect and I know some of you have commented on the lack of an entry in the "Social Scene" section of TR Action that you will have recently received. If you recall I said that as we are not as active as we would like, coupled with the lead times required to make sure that the copy arrives in good time to meet the publication dates, that I would not be submitting material for it for now. I do publish every month this newsletter on the Social Scene section of the TR Register website where anybody interested in finding out more about TR Lincs generally goes before making contact. I will of course start to submit copy once we have something to report on. In the meantime please continue to keep me updated with any events that you think may be of interest and of course any member news. Tell us what you've been up to over lockdown and include some pictures. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the rest of this newsletter, there are some interesting items. Oh and don't forget to keep an eye out on the events pages and our own local events calendar for the latest planned programme of events for this year.

Keep safe and see you soon.

Adrian Lawton - Group Leader

Our 2021 Annual General Meeting will be held at 2pm on Sunday 14th March. Due to the Covid restrictions we will not be able to physically meet up as normal. We are however still going to hold the meeting virtually by Zoom. Many of you are familiar with using Zoom and it is very straight forward and accessible via a camera equipped PC, Laptop or Smartphone, you can even just dial in via a normal telephone. If you wish to 'attend' the AGM can you please let me know via email to so that I can send you the link and joining instructions ahead of the meeting so that you can join in. As you know all the positions are up for election as is the case every year. The incumbents are:-
Adrian Lawton, Group Leader
Jane Gray, Treasurer
Derek Pywell, Secretary
David McDonald, Competition Secretary
If you would like to nominate someone for any of these roles then please send your nominations via email to by the end of February. If you would also like to add an item to our agenda under "any other business" then please also forward that to Derek at the email address above. The draft agenda and previous 2020 meeting minutes are accessible via these links for you to review. 2021 Draft Agenda 2020 Unapproved Minutes

We have lost two members this month following a car sale and a house move but we have gained a new, to TR LIncs, member. Many of you will know Wayne Scott the TR Register's press officer and editor of TR Action.

Most of you will have seen him behind the microphone at International Weekends and other major events but he also does an awful lot of work behind the scenes in promoting the TR Register amongst the press and other influential bodies in the classic car world. We look forward to seeing Wayne out and about with us at some point giving his lusty TR7 Grinnall an airing assuming his very busy schedule will allow. A warm welcome to Wayne who is now a fully fledged Lincolnite having moved to Holbeach.

And Finally ...........
Still with too much 'lockdown' time on my hands I have been delving into the lesser known depths of the internet to highlight a few of the TR related things that exist out there. Last month I set you the challenge of identifying the film that features a TR3. That film was in fact El Dolce Vita (the good life) as was correctly guessed by Trevor Sherwood who kindly highlighted the following film clip scoured from the internet. The extract provides a good suggestion for modifying some of our local runs to add a bit of variety. See what you think?

The 1964 French film, Echappement Libre or Backfire as it is also known tells the tale of a gold smuggler who uses his TR4 as a tool of his trade. The opening sequence is in the hold of a ship packed with 1960 cars with a number of TR's being exported. It is worth a glimpse and you can find the TR related extracts on YouTube by clicking on these links, part 1, part 2. While you're there take a look at the videos uploaded by MrTRGuy who has numerous clips featuring TR3 and TR4's in film. On the subject of cars in film and TV I'm sure you have come across the film database IMDb where you can get all the information on almost any film or TV programme made. But did you know there was one for cars! IMCDb is the equivalent for cars. You can simply select the car make/model you are interested in and it will list every film that car has appeared in and whether it features as the main subject or was simply parked in a street during a scene. Did you know that there is a TR4a in the Disney Film Herbie Rides Again! bet you didn't. It's a fascinating way to spend some spare time.

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