Kennet Valley Group - Annual Members Meeting

Kennet Valley Group - Annual Members Meeting

KVG held the above virtually on the 4th March, considering the circumstance, during the meeting, 24 members attended, as GL, I present a brief (I don't know why brief :0)) overview of the years events and and plans for things to come when we are all let out to play again, which shouldn't be too far away now, hopefully.

Stewart Highnett - Treasurer updated everyone on the finances which are in good stead and of course had very little activity. Normally KVG adds to its funds by a raffle at the monthly meeting, some of the money is donated to the charities we support being MacMillan Nurses and Thame Valley Air Ambulance, usually circa £300 per charity, however because of the lack of raffle funds this year and the fact that most charities are struggling for donations, members took the decision to donate £150 per charity from club reserves.

The 2021/22 was also elected and a BIG thanks to Emrhys Barrell and Michael Field who stood down from the committee although Michael will still look after membership details, Michael will also receive an award for his 20 year service and support to the KVG and the committee.

For this year 2021/22, the committee comprises of:

Group Leader - Philip Horsley
Treasurer – Stewart Highnett
Committee & Raffle – Michael Thomas
Committee – Denis Carter
Committee – Phil Dryden

If you would like to help us out, then please do let us know, the more hands the lighter and more varied the work.

Then it was the most important part of the evening, the awards, we have two awards, NUt of the Year and Bright Spark Award, the Nut of the Year is awarded for one of those moments in life that embarrassing or frustrating moments in classic ownership, this year it was awarded to KVG member Ian Howatt, for a persistent rattle in his TR4.

Ian has replaced and upgraded the gearbox, clutch, refurbed rear axle, removed and replaced the exhaust, checked over the front suspension, checked seat fixings and mechanism. It still rattles! Congrats Ian I am sure it will take pride of place on the mantel piece until next year when it might be you looking after it?

You can see the AMM Presentation by clicking on the download button below, the Financial numbers are removed, if any member would like a copy of the them, please write in and we will send them to you.

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