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Kennet Valley TR Group hold their 50th Annual Members Meeting

Kennet Valley TR Group hold their 50th Annual Members Meeting

Our March Club Night was also our 50th Annual Members Meeting, Phil Horsley chaired the AMM and presented to attending members. Again an active year for the KVG with many shows, runs and events attended. Also a anther year where a KVG member Panch, won an award for his car at the International Triumph Event and Paul Hickmott won the KVG My Pride & Joy.

It was also time to elected our committee, firstly Stewart Highnett was officially voted as Treasurer having been co-opted during the year, then the committee was elected with the only change of John Edmonds who had decided after 26 year to step down. The KVG wishes to thank John, and of course Jackie his wife, for their support and work for the club over all those years and had awarded him a trophy for 25 years last year, so this was complemented with a gift of some good bottled beers for him to enjoy.

Here are the 2020/21 KVG Committee members:

•Group Leader - Philip Horsley

•Treasurer – Stewart Highnett

•Membership/Communication - Michael Field

•Committee & Raffle – Michael Thomas

•Committee – Denis Carter

•Committee/Newsletter/Xmas Party– Emrhys Barrell

Stewart Highnett in his new role, presented the financial situation which is healthy and able to fund our super 50th Anniversary event, members also decided to continue support to two nominated charities, who will receive £300 each raised during the Year.

MacMillan Nurses

Thames Valley Air Ambulance

As a committee we always welcome ideas for events or speakers, so please send us your suggestions and we'd be pleased to help get it organised.

At our AMM, we always have some awards and the most infamous if our Nut of the Year award, this years winner was truly in the s**t with his escapades. Whilst attending the several times delayed West Green House Classic Show, he stepped in a cow pat in his nice trainers, after wiping his foot clean, he carried on looking at the fantastic classics at the show, and guess what, he stepped in another one, not content with this adventure, he did it twice more, so for this, he is our Nut of the Year, well done Stewart Highnett our new Treasurer, we hope that's the only s**t he gets into!

Our other AMM is the Bright Spark Award, this is awarded to the KVG Member(s) who has a "Bright Spark" of an idea for a new event or done great work to keep the club cogs turning. This year it was awarded to Linda & Emrhys Barrell for organising many excellent KVG trips & events both in the UK & France, thank you both of you.

Phil thanks on behalf of the KVG, thanks YOU the member for your support, without You the member, the Committee for all their time and hard work organising the events, contacting members, running events and helping maintain a active TR local Group, he also thanked the TR Register Office for their support. The meeting was closed and the next AMM will be 3rd March 2021.

Phil then present the KVG News & Events highlighting the next main KVG events:

KVG v Glavon Skittles

Drive it Day

Wiltshire Wander

KVG 50th Event

Also don't forget our first Saturday meeting on the 28th March.

You can download the presentations of the night here: KVG-AMM-Public-Presentation-04-03-20.pdf


Thanks to Mike Field for the photos

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