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Kennet Valley TR Group enjoy a day at RetroFest Newbury

Kennet Valley TR Group enjoy a day at RetroFest Newbury

6 Kennet Valley TR Group member cars attended RetroFest Newbury including the Jabbeke record breaking TR2 kindly brought along by Glenn Hewitt of Protek Engineering. all of which created great interest from the visiting crowd.

RetroFest took up most of Newbury Showground with stalls, displays, fairground, food, drink and displays in the arena.

The weather starter nice and sunny but started to deteriorate throughout the day. KVG's event tent pitched between the TR's on display and had back copies & membership forms on display.

KVG had its own display area alongside the arena, however there were many other classics on display, from vintage, American through to Hot Rods.

There were a few other Triumph marques there but we only noted one other TR, a TR250 which was for sale by a 'dealer', the car painted in metallic Copper Orange, a bit of a Marmite colour, note the misplaced bonnet badge, the car priced at £26,950, probably a fair price for the condition?

A 'walking' band dropped by the stand and stopped to 'serenade' the Jabbeke TR2, TR3 and TR4 , which also drew in the crowd and created a lovely atmosphere, however the weather started to deteriorate more and liquid sunshine fell, welcome to gardeners and farmers but KVG'ers decided to head home and decide whether to go to Newbury Bloodwise show the following day after seeing a dire rainy forecast, watch out for the report?

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