Kennet Valley TR Group vs Glavon TR's Challenge - We've finally found something we're 'good' at!?

Kennet Valley TR Group vs Glavon TR's Challenge - We've finally found something we're 'good' at!?

20 Kennet Valley TR Group, 11 Glavon TR and 1 Vale of White Horse (KVG honorary team member) members (8 TR's & 1 Stag) made there way to the Red Lion, Castle Eaton for the annual challenge between the Groups, this challenge has been happening for a number of years now and it's fair to say that Glavon have won on most if not all occasions, we've tried 10 pin bowling, Skittles, Crazy Golf and this time it was Darts and this time Kennet Valley TR Group were TRIUMPHant!

The challenge was 'Round the Clock' of the dart board taken in turns to throw 1,2,3, then 3,4,5 finishing with with one double, one treble, 25, the bull. Each member of the two teams took it in turn to get the team around the clock. Being best of three, Leslie Swain - GL Glavon, stepped up to the Oche to throw the first darts, followed by Phil Horsley - GL KVG, KVG soon stormed into the lead at one point 12 numbers ahead, but Glavon had a resurgence and soon it was neck a neck coming down to the Bull to win the first leg.

Well it is true to say that the skills of all were not strong or very accurate, even those who had played darts in their youth struggled to find that old form, old being the word, Phil Horsley's personal darts had flights dated 1977 the Queens Silver Jubilee, and Andy West dated to 1975, so getting the Bull took a little time and lunch was fast approaching, however with much tension and intense staring in the room, Phil Horsley held his nerve and finally manged to hit the red dot and KVG took the 1st leg. Still having time before lunch, the 2nd leg commenced, now it shows that 'practice makes perfect' and a win gives stamina as KVG again stormed away, Joyce Woodham was the first and the last to get three consecutive numbers 7,8.9 pushing KVG towards a 10 number lead, again Glavon fought back and as they got to 18, KVG finally got a 25 and won (it had been decided 25 or Bull to win as getting the last one took so long and everyone was hungry.

So finally Kennet Valley TR Group has won the coveted and cherished Challenge Cup and Leslie presented it to Phil to look after until next years Challenge, of course Glavon 'let us win' as they had run out of Silvo, if you believe that you'll believe anything!

A great and enjoyable Inter-Group Challenge, a big thanks to everyone who came along, to Andy West for assisting me to organise it and to the Red Lion for the Dart board, pub darts and excellent lunch.

Watch out for the next one in March 2019, were I am sure Glavon will be fighting hard to get the cup back and they will have had time to get some more Silvo!

Thanks to Andy West & Emrhys Barrell for the pictures.

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